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Baked fresh daily, our breads are made with all natural unbleached, unbromated flour, no additives and no preservatives.  We use most of our breads in our sanwiches.  They are all available to be purchased by the loaf. 

Multi Whole Grain                                              6.25

Made with delicious grains such as oats millet, flax and sunflower

Baguette                                                                   4.00

A classic Parisian favorite, with a thin crust and delicate flavor.  It is a great compliment to cheese and pate or to make bruschetta and other bite-size appetizers.


Ciabatta Sandwich Roll                                     1.10

 Magnificent thin crust with a tender moist crumb. Use as a table bread or gourmet sandwich roll.


Toscano Rosemary Extra Virgin Olive Oil    6.25

A crusty round loaf made with fresh rosemary and imported olive oil.


Sourdough Loaf                                                   6.25

An old world crusty traditional sourdough loaf. 


Walnut Raisin                                                     6.95

Made with California walnuts, raisins and cinnamon.  Multiple applications, serve for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Great toasted and  served with fresh fruit preserves and/or cream cheese.


Italian Table Bread                                        6.25

Traditional "old world" style bread, with a rustic crust and open and chewy interior, speckled with wheat germ.  A comforting table compliment to everyday meals.


Brioche (Friday only)                                     6.95

Another French favourite, rich in flavour with a moist interior and tender crumb.  A delicious complement to to breakfast sandwiches and French toast. 


Babka (by special request for Friday  and Saturday only)                   8.00     

Comes in rich dark chocolate or cheese


Rye (Saturday only)                                         6.95

A mild rye flavour and hearty and moist crumb with minimal caraway seeds.  Great for deli-style sandwiches.


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