Breakfast Menu

#1. Continental Breakfast - $145 (Serves 10-12)

An assortment of freshly baked muffins, scones, danish, chocolate and butter croissants

Butter & preserves

Fresh seasonal fruit

Hot coffee (96oz container), comes with milk and sugar (serves 14-20)  $18

Fruit juice, orange or grapefruit juice (96oz container, serves 16-24)  $16

24-hour cold house brewed iced coffee (96oz container, serves 10 - 12)  $25

#2. Classic Breakfast - $175 (Serves 10-12)

Classic Breakfast Sandwich (eggs, bacon, aged cheddar, arugula on croissant)

Baguette with ham and gruyère (ham, gruyère, mustard, arugula)

Fresh seasonal fruit

Hot coffee (96oz container), comes with milk and sugar (serves 14-20)  $25

Fruit juice, orange or grapefruit (96oz container, serves 16-24)  $18

24-hour cold house brewed iced coffee (96oz container, serves 10 - 12)  $30

#3. Homemade Quiches - $60 (Serves 8-12)

Light and fluffy souffle-like quiches baked in a flaky crust

Serve with fresh organic field greens or fresh seasonal fruit for an additional $4/person

Choose from these delicious varieties - Quiche Florentine, Quiche Lorraine, Roasted Red Pepper, Mushrooms, Sweet Potato.  Inquire about other flavors)

Our customers enjoy our quiches with a side salad and/or fresh fruit. So complement yours with fresh seasonal fruit or organic mixed greens for an additional $4.00/person,  or get both fruit and salad for $7.00/person.

Lunch Menu- 10 persons minimum

Add $1.50 for gluten free bread per sandwich

#1. Executive Lunch Box - $15.95/person

Choose one of:

  • Sandwich, served with pickle spear

  • Organic field greens or chips

  • Apple, banana or side of seasonal of fruit

  • Chocolate chip, molasses or our signature EGD cookie

#2. Lunch Box - $12.95/person

Choose of:

  • Sandwich

  • Organic field greens or  chips (substitute seasonal fruit for an additional $2.50)

  • Chocolate chip, molasses or our signature EGD cookie.

#3. Lunch Bag - $11.95/person

Choose of:

  • Sandwich, potato chips & cookie

Lunch Platters

Elizabeth's offers hand-crafted, made-to-order delicious products to service your office and corporate event. We uniquely fulfill requests for your events by providing fresh and healthy salads, sandwich trays as well as an assortment of freshly-baked from scratch desserts and pastries.  Disposable plates, flatware and paper napkins, water and soft drinks can be supplied for an additional charge. Please call to customize your order.

 Sandwich Buffet - $15.45/person (10 person minimum)

The menu includes:

  • Choice of three sandwiches

  • Choice of two salads (see salad list below)

  • Cookies (Chocolate chip, molasses or our EGD signature cookie)

  • Seasonal fruit

Add $1.50 for gluten free bread per sandwich

Ask about our sides - potato salad, pasta salad, tabbouleh or quinoa salad.

Sandwich Selection

Grilled cheese with tomato, aged cheddar and arugula on sourdough

Fresh oven roasted turkey or chicken on ciabatta roll - pesto, tomatoes, aged cheddar and arugula

Fresh beets with mozarella on ciabatta - pesto and arugula

Roasted red pepper and goat cheese - Dijon mustard and arugula on ciabatta roll

Roasted chicken on ciabatta - pesto, tomatoes, aged cheddar and arugula

Ham and Brie on ciabatta with dijon mustard and arugula

BLT & avocado on rosemary and olive oil bread

Ham & Swiss on Rye - naturally smoked ham, imported Swiss cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and spicy brown mustard served on freshly baked rye bread

Apple and brie sandwich on sourdough - fresh, crisp apple, warm melty brie and arugula on sourdough bread

Add $2.00 for gluten free bread per sandwich

Add ham $2.0, oven roasted turkey or chicken for $4.50

Salad Buffet - $10.25/person (10 person minimum per salad)

We serve fresh, healthy entree salads that are made with all natural ingredients and are substantial enough for a meal. Add $2.50 per person for ham, avocado, tomato, $4.50 for oven-roasted chicken or turkey.

The menu includes:

  • Choice of two salads

  • Assorted bags of chips

  • Cookies - choice of chocolate chips, molasses or our significant EGD cookie.



Mixed Green Salad - Organic baby greens, cranberries, toasted walnuts, blue cheese, house vinaigrette

EGD House Salad - Organic baby greens, carrots, red cabbage,tomatoes, cucumber, olives, aged cheddar, horseradish dressing

Goat Cheese and Beet Salad - Organic baby greens, fresh beets, goat cheese, red onions, toasted walnuts, house vinaigrette.

Desserts & Pastries

Dessert Tray - 10 person minimum

We have an assortment of fresh baked pastries and desserts to choose from. Some of our most popular include:

Pastries: Marjolaine, assorted tarts, crumb cake, apple strudel

Bars: Lemon bar, key lime bar, Nora Linz, assorted gourmet brownie bars

Cookies: Molasses, Chocolate chip, Linzer, Signature EGD cookie

Gluten-free options: Marjolaine, Chocolate decadence, Almond crescent, buckeyes, almond macaroon


Assorted beverages include: Smart water, Fiji water, a variety of Honest Tea flavors and other soft drink products

Healthy Smoothies & Protein Shakes

Our smoothies feature antioxidant-rich fruits, fiber and protein that will keep you satisfied and energized.

$7.25  Comes one size only, in a 20 oz cup. NO SUBSTITUTIONS


Energizer: Strawberry, banana, pineapple, Greek yogurt, apple juice

Mixed Berry Delight: Blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, Greek yogurt, orange juice

Equator: Mango, pineapple, papaya, Greek yogurt, orange juice

Marathon: Banana, peanut butter, Greek yogurt, protein powder

Antioxidant: Blueberry, pomegranate, cranberry juice, Greek yogurt, protein powder

Orange Blast: Navel orange, orange juice, Greek yogurt or vanilla ice cream

Add $1.00 to any of the above smoothies for each of the following ingredients: almond butter, organic peanut butter, whey protein, soy protein.